For your reading pleasure, enjoy this poem by friend, author and poet Lucy Giardino Cortese. Learn more about Lucy and her work by visiting the “Featured Author” page.


Nouns verbs trickle across the blank page
drip drip
Gentle raindrops without form or meaning
plop plop
Adjectives adverbs cascade on placid breezes
whirl whirl
Weather vane pen harnessing nature’s might
scratch scratch
Clauses subordinate — independents follow
plunk plunk
Thoughts pelting down dance spin explode
splish splish
Showering stories longing to be told
gurgle gurgle
Pages corralling the errant splashes
swoosh swoosh
Before cascading memories wash away
flutter flutter
Write them down flood them on paper
faster faster
Before the storm of creativity passes
hurry hurry
Writer’s block thunderbolt forecasting
drought drought