carmen-ambrosio     Meet Carmen Ambrosio: an author, photographer, copy editor, and occasional sculptor who loves to travel anywhere snakes cannot be spotted readily. Carmen and I became friends when I lived in Columbus, Ohio, and discovered that we both had multiple sclerosis.

     While her illness brings uncertainty, Carmen uses humor and positivity to describe the roller coaster ride in her first book, "Life Continues: Facing the Challenges of MS, Menopause and Midlife with Hope, Courage and Humor." Her book makes a great read not only for individuals, but for members of book clubs. There is a Book Discussion Guide provided on Carmen's website at

     Prior to moving to Columbus, Carmen met her now-husband Larry, who persuaded the self-transplanted U.S. Virgin Islander to stop being a bachelorette rolling stone (so many states in which to live and work, so little time) and to marry him in Ohio more than ten years ago.

     Carmen, true to her independent and creative nature, also founded AMBROSart after working for more than 25 years in corporate and nonprofit settings. 

life-continues     A warped sense of humor and the dedicated support of Larry, friends, and family help Carmen to keep the effects of having multiple sclerosis in perspective--especially on Duct Tape Days (aptly explained in her memoir). 

     Carmen markets her book by appearing in bookstores, being interviewed on radio stations and by attending book festivals. She writes her own blog and also ghost blogged in the name of her beloved dog, Sam, until he passed. Sam enjoyed a long healthy and happy life after being rescued and adopted by Carmen and Larry.